How To Edit Your Facebook Friends Day Video, Because It Should Be As Perfect As You Are

Facebook celebration of its 13th birthday on Thursday, Facebook released personalized videos celebrating each user’s friendships. Within hours, Type A users across the world were scrambling to figure out how to edit Facebook Friends Day videos — or at least I was, and I’m sure most of my fellow perfectionists were as well.

1. Head To The Friends Day Page

Once you’re logged in to Facebook, the video should be at the top of your news feed. If not, head over to the Friends Day page.

2. Click “Edit Video”

You know what you’re here for: editing the embarrassing bits out of your video. You can find the “edit video” link to the left of the “share” button. On mobile, both of these buttons can be found below the video; on desktop, they’re to the left.

3. Edit Away

Once you’ve hit the edit button, you can choose friends and photos to be featured. More importantly, you can remove content from the original video, too.

4. Share Away

Once you’ve edited the video to your specifications, hit “next,” and you can add a caption. Click “post,” and you’re done!

See? Told you it was easy.



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